Living List

The term “bucket list” never really gave me warm fuzzy feeling. It always has sounded more like a countdown of chores to attend to before your expiration date. The term “living list”  embodies the excitement and happiness of learning, exploring, and growing while trying new things the world has to offer. “Living lists” are personal and completely customizable. The list should grow with you as your eyes are opened to new possibilities. Below, is part of my Living list, I hope it inspires you to make your own. : ) Happy Adventuring dolls!

  1. graduate college
  2. learn to ride a dirt bike
  3. hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  4. go tent camping in a tree
  5. go opal mining
  6. sand surf
  7. hold a penguin
  8. swim with wild dolphins
  9. swim with sea turtles
  10. see sea turtles hatch in the moonlight
  11. skydive (again)
  12. rock climb
  13. repel down a waterfall (or to the side)
  14. cliff dive 
  15. go on a shark dive (preferably in a cage)
  16. white water rafting
  17. go surfing
  18. climb a mountain in a day… or two
  19. hike to the Hollywood sign
  20. take a ride in a hot air balloon
  21. join the “Polar Bear Club”
  22. learn to sail
  23. do a mud run
  24. participate in a triathlon
  25. try skinny dipping
  26. hike to the top of Machu Picchu
  27. See the pyramids in person
  28. ride a camel
  29. go on a real safari 
  30. touch a lion (hold a cub)
  31. walk along the Great Wall of China
  32. learn how to make sushi (Someday eat sushi in Japan)
  33. hike in the Himalayan Mountains
  34. backpack through Europe (again)
  35. go to a professional football game
  36. go to a professional rugby game
  37. go to a professional basketball game
  38. go to Brazil for Carnival
  39. see a real Buddhist temple (spend a day in silence)
  40. climb a glacier
  41. be part of a mermaid photo shoot
  42. go to an opera
  43. make it to/complete the black flag course at the NY Adventure Park
  44. take a stunt driving class
  45. take a stunt woman class
  46. dog sled ride
  47. visit/tour the white house
  48. kite board
  49. go to an Indy 500
  50. DJ for a night
  51. take a trapeze class
  52. learn to ballroom dance
  53. go to a natural mineral hot spring
  54. horseback ride on a beach
  55. go to a real rodeo
  56. cross a river filled with crocodiles (in an four wheeler)
  57. see the running of the bulls in Spain
  58. attend a Kentucky Derby
  59. kayak & fishing trip
  60. participate in a food fight
  61. do the “Da Vinci” tour in Rome
  62. go bike the wineries
  63. swim with a whale
  64. night hike and watch a sunrise from the top of a mountain
  65. do a shipwreck dive
  66. be in a parade
  67. meet Reese Witherspoon
  68. join a softball team
  69. write a book
  70. learn to play the guitar
  71. explore a rainforest
  72. learn to paddle board
  73. attend a legit Hawaiian luau
  74. climb the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower 
  75. tour the Colosseum in Rome 
  76. visit Germany the land of my ancestors
  77. go to Wanderlust

And the list keeps growing…


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