Lifestyle Changes

No I am not on a raw diet, vegan, or even vegetarian. I come from a farming community in Indiana where not eating meat is a borderline criminal, especially at Grandma’s. Long story short, my doctor recently urged me to add more greens to my diet. My initial reaction was that this quack could never stand in the way of my passionate love affair with Taco Bell; Thank goodness I am not as stubborn as I pretend to be though. After taking an incredibly minuscule amount of time to ponder my decision, I presented the verdict with ignorant confidence. I’ll just go raw. NO cooked food. Within an hour, that was a laughable statement. When changing my diet drastically in the past, it brought out some of my less savory qualities. Let’s just say I adopt a sort of caveman mentality and “Hulk Smash” becomes my response to any source of irritant or stupidity. Instead, I decided to put on my big girl pants, and educate myself. It’s a lifestyle change and should be gradual and permanent. This could also be the perfect time to try and learn the difference between boredom and hunger. I’m pretty sure I’ve got this…. pretty sure.