Prep School Movie Trailer

Here is the official trailer of a movie I filmed in Northern California two years ago called “Prep School.” So excited to see the final cut at the screening on February 6th!



The Ocean Calls

The ocean calls to me in more ways than one. I have been a surfer and certified scuba diver since the age of ten. The beach is a treasure; tanning my body, putting freckles on my nose, putting waves in my hair, salt on my skin, fresh air in my lungs, and happy thoughts in my mind. There are few things in life that fresh air and a clear head can’t solve. I grew up studying the tide pools, hiking and rock climbing the coast line, and digging deep holes in the sand (yeah I was that kid).

Below the water’s surface is a world so vibrant and alive it is a surprise so few have experienced it. One of my “happy places” I’ve discovered during my travels, is in the water with a dolphin. Throughout my aquatic adventures, I have found that dolphins hold a special power over me. It is difficult to articulate the sense of peace I feel when under water swimming with them. The noises they use to communicate sound like a comforting lullaby. On multiple occasions I have flipped out and jumped off boats to swim with wild dolphins. The excitement and joy never dulls. It is like nature’s therapy for my soul.

Here is a little behind the scenes play time with my friends while in the Bahamas filming Eye Of The Dolphin.